Our Mission

The Gold Standard for Your Golden Years.

We are here to offer excellent, dignified service with compassion, respect and integrity. Whether in a consultation or contract, your needs and care are our top priority.



We believe that people deserve to be heard and cared for with integrity.

Often, having an advocate is an effective way to ensure your concerns are addressed and needs are met.

Advoc-Conn will work with you and either be your voice, or help you to use your own by giving you the tools you need to confidently advocate for yourself.



Education is power. When you contact us, you can know that our goal is to empower you to be able to make informed, solid decisions.

Whether a face to face consultation, email, or Skype session, you can be assured the goal is to educate you by answering your questions, addressing concerns, and giving you “food for thought” as your journey continues.

The medical field can seem impossible and overwhelming. Let us help you navigate the challenging terrain with friendly, caring, competent perspective and experience.



Often a diagnosis or change of life can cause one to feel isolated and alone.

We are here to help connect you with  support groups and individuals who are traveling-or have traveled a path similar to yours. Providing a place for support, encouragement, insight; even friendship.

We can provide connection with experts in the financial and insurance fields to assist you. It’s never too early to secure your financial future.

Perhaps you need rehab, inpatient or in-home therapy for you or your loved one. Maybe the time has come to make the transition from home to a place with more supervision or hands-on care, or you’re looking for a specialist.

Whatever the need, we have a  list of suggested, trusted professionals and facilities for your consideration. Advoc-Conn, Inc has no financial gain from a referral. Our reward is satisfaction that from our experience we are helping to provide assistance and peace of mind for YOU.