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Advoc-Conn, Inc exists to compassionately assist you and your loved ones in navigating the aging process. 

We assist in helping to clarify the information overload that often accompanies tough life changes. Advoc-Conn is here to bridge the gap between where you are, to where you need and strive to be with your healthcare. Empowered with education, you will be armed with knowledge to confidently make the decisions that are right for yourself or your loved one.

Offering you Gold Standard service in areas such as: Medical Advocacy,  Referrals, Consultations, and Care management.  Specializing in Alzheimers, Dementia, and End of Life.


We believe that patients are people who deserve to be heard and cared for with integrity.

Often, having an advocate is the best way to ensure your concerns are effectively addressed.


Education is power. Working together with us, you can trust that our goal is to assist you to be able to confidently make informed decisions.


  You’re not alone; we’re here to help. We have resources to assist you with such needs as: companion care, therapy, financial and second opinions.

What are clients are saying...

“Exactly what I needed, when I needed it. You will one day need a compassionate, knowledgeable healthcare advocate and Advoc-Conn is where you will find one.

Timely, honest, caring support.”

Buffalo, NY

“Kimberlie is invaluable. Her knowledge and ability to communicate with physicians in addition to her kind, compassionate demeanor are unmatched. Having an advocate is a necessity when health needs arise. With Kimberlie, you can rest assured you’re in caring, capable hands.”

Morrisville, NY